Uwe Ludwig und Michael Fliß
Praxis für Ergotherapie
Glasstraße 7 A
D-50823 Köln Ehrenfeld

Telefon: (0221) 725741

eMail: praxisflissludwig@t-online.de
Internet: http://www.ergotherapie-koeln.de

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Occupational therapy is one sort of treatment of prescripted therapies from the catalogue of the health insurences, which is prescribed by a doctor.

The financing is usually provided by health insurances, social security or privatly.

The aim of all occupational therapy interventions is the rehabilitation, conservation, development, improvement or compensation of disease-related motoric, sensoric,psycatric,cognitive functions and abilities.

Occupational therapy has influence on the individual action-competence in daily life, social field, school, education or in job.

Occupational therapy works with complex enabling and action-oriented methods and proceedings using adapted training material, functional, playful, artisanal, creative techniques and practical life exercises.

Moreover, occupational therapists give advice concerning school-, workplace-,living area and environmental adaptions.
Occupational therapy can take place in form of individual or group therapy.
According to the medical indication, it is possible to prescribe visits to private homes nursing or residential facilities.